How to Learn Transcendental Meditation

There are seven steps to learning Transcendental Meditation:

Step 1: Introductory Talk

If you are interested in learning more about Transcendental Meditation, join one of our free introductory talks. Our experienced teachers will explain how Transcendental Meditation could benefit you, how it differs from other practices and answer any questions you many have. Anyone interested can attend, it's completely free of charge and there's no obligation to learn (1 hour - free)

Introductory talks are held regularly by local teaching centres throughout the country. Personal appointments are also available on request.

In person

at a local TM Centre with a certified teacher: 1 hour, free

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Live webinar - available soon

with leading national speakers: 1 hour, interactive, free


Online video - available soon

by Dr. John Hagelin, quantum physicist: 20 minutes, free


Step 2: Preparatory Talk

The mechanics of the Transcendental Meditation technique – how it works, why it is easy to learn and effortless to practise, how it is different from other forms of meditation, and its origins. (45 minutes – free)

Step 3: Personal Interview

Find out more with a private meeting with a certified TM teacher. (10-15 minutes – free)

Please note: Steps 2 and 3 can be completed at the same time as Step 1

The following steps (Steps 4-7) take place over four consecutive days

Step 4: Personal Instruction

With a qualified teacher. (1-2 hours)

Step 5: First Seminar

To verify correctness of practice and further instructions (1-2 hours)

Step 6: Second Seminar

Understanding the mechanics of the TM technique (1-2 hours)

Step 7: Third Seminar

Understanding higher stages of human development (1-2 hours)

6-Month Follow-Up

Once you've completed the initial seven steps of instruction, you'll have the intellectual and experiential knowledge needed to properly practise the Transcendental Meditation technique.

Next comes a series of important, one-on-one meetings with your teacher and continuing classes - offered at no additional cost.

These sessions stabilise the correctness of your meditation practice to ensure that you gain the full benefits. The meetings can be scheduled at your convenience throughout these first six months of your Transcendental Meditation practice. These follow-up sessions are optional but highly recommended.

A Lifetime of Support

As a course graduate, you are eligible for the lifetime programme offered at any Transcendental Meditation centre. This includes personal guidance on your meditation practice, advanced lectures, special events, group meditations, and celebrations.

If you ever want to refresh your practice or receive further instruction, this is available at minimal cost through any Transcendental Meditation centre.

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Muriel, Chef

"I am so thankful for my Transcendental Meditation. It has made me courageous with my creativity so that starting my own business just had to happen. I couldn't resist it! It's terribly hard work, but the meditation gives me the energy and optimism too. Even the success, I put down to contacting that deepest level of life!"

Janice Cunningham
Teacher of Transcendental Meditation:

"We look forward to hearing from you and helping you to find out more about learning Transcendental Meditation"